Design Innovation

Our committment to design and innovation has given way to the creation a range of unique suitcases each with their own distinct design and features.

Design Innovation – Award Winning Products

Samsonite was founded by Jesse Shawyder in 1910, during a period when travel was reserved for the elite. As one of the original brands in travel, Samsonite aims to continue identifying trends and interpret travellers’ needs to infuse design innovation into travel. This constant drive to expand Shwayder’s vision has resulted in several design awards from the prestigious Red Dot awards.

Design Innovation

Unique, Technological, Made in Europe, Exclusively used by Samsonite for Luggage.

COSMOLITE: The strongest and lightest Samsonite ever

  • Self-reinforced design
  • Awared winning iconic design
  • Aluminum wheel handle
  • Functoinal interior
  • Recessed TSA Look

The CURV Collection