Competition open to everybody

Our Cosmolite luggage range is the icon of our CURVĀ® collection. It has a unique design with minimal weight and maximal resistance. We invite you to give it your very own design that represents you and your country.

How it works?

Create your own Cosmolite suitcase that represents you and Singapore. Submit your entry. Share your entry. Get your friends and family to vote. The design with the most votes in Singapore wins the Country Prize and is then eligible to win the Grand Prize, where our Samsonite team will pick the winner from the pool of Country Prize winners.

  • Create
  • Submit
  • Share
  • Win
  • Vote


  • Country Prize Winner

    The Country Prize winner will be the design receiving the most votes and they win cash and product prizes worth up to USD 5,000 along with a personalized Cosmolite suitcase with their design printed on it.

  • Grand Prize Winner

    A Samsonite committee will select one overall Grand Prize winner from the group of country winners and they will receive two round trip tickets to selected European cities, worth up to USD 20,000 plus their design will be produced as limited edition luggage.

  • Lucky Draw Winner

    One lucky voter who votes for the winning design receives the limited edition suitcase if they are the winner of our Lucky Draw.

Be Inspired

It’s our big 5-0 this year and our Singapore is looking better than ever. Check out these inspirational images and see if you can come up with a design to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

Instagram: #TraveltoSingapore

The submission period is over! Please head over to the “Vote” section to vote for your favourite design.

To enter you need to download a template and let your inspiration take you away. Once happy with your design, upload and submit. We will review and share on our gallery.

Please go to the desktop version to download or submit.